Sunday, September 30, 2012

How To Get Free DSI Points Fast

How is Points2shop able to give us free rewards like the DSI or Wii Points! Points2shop works because people like you can me do tasks on there website. The tasks are from advertisers that have offers on the website that we do an every time we complete any tasks, Points2shop will be paid and when they get paid we earn points.

What other kinds of tasks does Points2shop have so we can earn points to use to get free DSI points redeem codes? You'll be able to do surveys, watch videos, get referrals, and compete in games against other members on Points2shop.

How will the free DSI Points be sent to me? That's easy, they can either be emailed to you and you'll just get a code or you can get them on the website from In that case you'll be sent a card just as if you'd the bought the DSI points at a store.

 Is there a limit to how many DSI Points you can get for free from here? Nope, as long as you have points to spend on Points2shop you'll be able to get as many DSI Points as you want.

How can I trust this website? I've personally earned lots of money and other rewards like a 3 month Xbox live code for my Xbox 360 and a few $25 gamestop gift cards using this website an if you type in Points2shop review in Google you can see other members that have good things to say about the website.

By going to the website itself you can go on the forums and check out the proof section and see testimonials from real members that earned things like the DSI points you can get for free.

What are you waiting for? Go get some DSI Points for free now from!